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IFREI 2.0 is launched in Asia

We have recently launched the IFREI 2.0 in the Philippines with several companies participating in the study. The Philippines is the first country in Asia to use the IFREI 2.0. More than 7,000 employees representing 28 companies, mostly from Ibero-American countries, have answered the IFREI 2.0 questionnaire.

The IFREI 2.0 was released in Spain in 2012. Its objective is to deepen the analysis of an individual company┬┤s environment, through multiple stakeholders like the Human Resource director, the managers and employees. The CFR level is determined by the IFREI 2.0 according to three dimensions: policies, supervisor support and organizational culture. These three dimensions influence how the employees integrate their professional, personal and family life.

IFREI 2.0 companiesAn organization that has over 70% of its employees in A (Enriching) and B (Favorable) environments may apply for accreditation which is granted by the Work Family Foundation Canada. The accreditation is valid for three (3) years from the date of the IFREI 2.0 final report. It gives the accredited organization the right to use the Corporate Family Responsibility Logo under the terms and conditions of the Foundation.